Dr Yiyi Fan is an Assistant Professor of Operations Management and Information Systems in the Department of Management Science at Lancaster University. Her research interests include supply chain risk management, buyer-supplier relationships, and operations-finance interface. Her research examines how, and under which conditions, organizations can deal with supply chain risks and build resilience in their supply chains. Yiyi is exploring two areas related to the broader themes of supply chain risks, disruptions, and resilience: (1) the supply network that involves relationships between buyers and suppliers at the firm level and individual level; and (2) the disclosure of supply chain risks (e.g., cybersecurity risks) related information.

Her research results appear in journals such as the International Journal of Operations & Production Management, Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, and Annals of Operations Research. She has been awarded the Kingsman Prize for the Best Doctoral Researcher in Management Science (LUMS, 2019), the Chris Voss Highly Commended Paper Award (EurOMA, 2019), and Dean's Award for Research Excellence (LUMS, 2021). Her PhD research has been chosen by the editorial team of the International Journal of Operations & Production Management as the Highly Commended winner of the 2020 Emerald/EFMD Outstanding Doctoral Research Award in the Operations and Production Management category. She is currently serving on the Editorial Review Board of the Journal of Supply Chain Management.

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